Ninja (Sankmarray)

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Ninjas greatly resembled pirates outwardly; digitigrade instead of flat-footed, shorter and broader in the nose, the keel of the chest was sharper, of course the hips were different, and--driven by natural piratical curiosity, Taupe pulled off the face mask and pushed aside the upper lip--yes, it was true about the doubled fangs; they were smaller, narrower, but there were eight of them. -- Taupeshank's narration

Ninjas are a species from Sankmarray. Their nation is Temple.


The pronoun for ninjas is "ne", as in "A pirate attacked ner, so ne drew ner thermal ninjato".

Psychic ability

Ninjas have weak mind control power. They cannot read minds.


Ninjas carry a virus they call the Hostage's Diminuitive Helper. Other nations of Sankmarray call it Contact Toxoplasmosis.

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