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This article refers to the small wild animals around the Cross'd Roads. See dragon for other flying lizards.
The wyverns in general are shared characters.

The wyverns around the Cross'd Roads area are small scavenging flying lizards. Their bodies are around pigeon size with longer necks and a tail like a chameleon's (flexible, that is, but not colour-changing). Wings are proportional to the size of the wyvern and fold at the side of the body when not in use. They range in colour from bronze to verdigris.

The Cross'd Roads wyverns are omnivorous and obtain food mainly by scavenging, though some have learned to beg from visitors. They appear to like eggs and meat best. Their calls are often heard in a mid-morning "dawn chorus" as they warm up and prepare to fly out of their roosts.

Wyverns are considered by most to be a minor nuisance, like pigeons. Some visitors find them a novelty and feed them, which can lead to trouble because it encourages them to be less afraid of people and even come into buildings. (A small colony seems to have nested in one of the Promenade Hall's entrance halls.)

Attempts to build a wyvern-proof bird feeder are invariably foiled by the flexible, moderately intelligent lizards.

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