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Twine is [not] an encyclopaedia of everything. This Real World topic has been added because it is a regular subject of conversation or constitutes important background knowledge. The article is not intended to be exhaustive, but includes external links to further information.

Asexuals (sometimes abbreviated to asexes) are people who don't tend to have much sex, by choice.

Note: Gender and sexuality subculture terminology is subjective to the point of uselessness. The first statement above is one that everyone can probably agree on. Most of the following details would be disputed by some self-described asexuals.
Note: Asexuality as discussed here is a point of sexuality, not gender. 'Asex' may also be used in a gender sense.

Most asexuals consider themselves to have reduced or negligible sex drive. Someone with a normal sex drive who chooses not to have sex would more accurately be described as celibate, but naturally there is overlap.

Many asexuals feel romantic attraction; some enjoy cuddling and other physical expressions, but some do not. Some are happy to cultivate a circle of close friends in place of a desire to pair off. Some form, or seek to form, exclusive platonic partnerships. Some form arrangements with two (or more) partners, in order to take pressure off the asexual to have sex.

Asexuals are neither shockingly unusual nor startlingly original. Amoebae thought of this first, and collectively have a lot more un-experience.

Asexuality etc. at Pro

While most characters are not interested in being sorted on the basis of sexual orientation, here are some examples:

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