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Bau, or Bau Howler (so called because she heard [Apollo Lightbringer]?'s flashy surname and wanted one for herself (a reason that happens to apply both IC and OOC)) is a deity of Larkspur. She originally came from an alt-Earth.

Bau is a deity of animal fertility (including sapients) and revered as a mother and queen. She has a strong healing aspect, and one of mediation between angry deities and mortals, and another of rebuking demons. She is probably best known for her sacred animal, the dog. "Bau" is onomatopoeic and represents a dog's bark.

In the godly realm Bau manifests as a square-faced, Middle-Eastern woman in regal, vertically-striped garb and elaborate headdress and neckwear -- or sometimes as a nine-foot (comparative to other gods' forms) golden woman, nude. Her servants are all dogs.

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