Deity (Larkspur)

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The world of Larkspur is infested with multitudes of gods in a D&Dish way.

Many -- but by no means all -- of Larkspur's gods are based on classical Real World gods and thus are not native to Larkspur. They are divided into good and evil.

Vespers has done most development of these gods so far, and Mutt is playing a bit as well.

Gods of Larkspur include:


(This is planned by Mutt and will be included subject to Vespers' input and agreement.)

The gods of Larkspur are able, very rarely, to have offspring, who will be great mortal heroes along the line of Hercules. However, the 'rules' do not allow anyone to continue indefinitely in a half-and-half state like this, and godchildren must eventually either choose to become mortal or face a Test to earn full godhood. If the Test is failed, the godchild becomes mortal anyway, if not killed during the Test.

Godchildren can be quite different from their parent gods in nature and talents. What they don't have is a choice about the "great heroes" deal. Trying to resist this can result in hilarious consequences.

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