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A few Pro members are slightly grumpy towards the concept of good and evil as absolutes, or the practice of classifying characters by their alignment (for example, along twin axes of good-evil and chaotic-lawful as in D&D).

Some of us prefer to leave the 'Dark Side/Light Side' paddling pool and get up to our necks in ambiguity and complexity. We're waving, not drowning, I think. Regardless, at Pro you will find ruthless bastards who nevertheless, left to their own devices, would marginally prefer it if everyone could just get along (ahem) and crazy suckers who routinely stab people for the greater good (ahem), as well as characters who seem to have completely forgotten what simplicity is (ahem, ahem) and those who simply follow their hearts or their stomachs (ahem, ahem).

And why not?

If you ask most of the characters at Pro who the good guys are, they will likely reply "My side of course. At least, we're not all that bad."

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Last edited March 8, 2007 6:37 pm by Anke