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Brother Tortile is a novice monk from the Offwhite City order. His classification is currently diplomat-in-training.

He is a Twine Wars viewpoint character written by Mutt.


Tortile is an Instarrian. [This is NOT an authorised portrait.]

How to describe Tortile? He's unusually tall. He holds himself unthreateningly. Moves with the requisite grace, of course. He has a boyish face and very bright blue eyes. Fawn hair - if you don't know, that's a warm mushroom grey. He smiles like any other diplomatic unit I've known - encouragingly and often. --Weft


He's a friendly sort. Very interested in people.

Like his fellow monks, he doesn't have a proper name. Instead he has been given a meaningful word, which he translates for whichever aliens he's dealing with. Tortile, he says, means flexible and twisty: it's related to 'distort' and 'contort'.

Tortile likes words.

Appearances on boards

Mutt test-drove him a couple of times on inn boards. He was first seen properly at Roofrats.

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