Deity (Instar)

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Instar deities are the gods and goddesses of Instar. They are almost always either male or female, although a few unusual exceptions exist (eg a primal pre-division Divinity honoured by Expressors of Agape with Compassion, and the Dlexn, which both is singular and are plural, and whose religion is now extinct).


Instar deities have been stated (canonically or at least in-character) to have these properties:

Deities are generally thought to be all-powerful. They do not have people's limitations, such as having to be in only one place at a time. They can do things beyond the capability of even a very powerful magician and without any outward sign of how they did it - for example, they leave no magic traces for characters who can detect those.

Nobody has mentioned what happens when two or more all-powerful deities try to work against each other.

Deities appear to know things without having to find them out first, and to be able to tell the future. Religions including the Expressors of Agápē seems to associate knowledge with divinity, so omniscience - or something approximating it - may really be a property of deities. A god or goddess's motivations, however, are very hard to guess.

Deities, especially male ones, are extremely graceful, poised and elegant. They all possess perfect manners.

People relating to deities

the representation of a deity in Offwhite - a person with superhuman knowledge and a great deal of power
someone chosen to enter a deity's heaven directly after death. Tend to walk around in a state of permanent bliss
a term for someone who performs duties by direct order of a deity but is given no powers for the task. Being a deity's Chosen is a fairly common claim in criminal cases. However, genuine Chosen may also exist: deities are even rumoured to hire mortal assassins

Divine beings found on Instar are often apparently able to read thoughts/minds/souls. However, it may be that they have a limited form of divine omniscience instead, rather than telepathy per se.

More on the boards

An in-character conversation in Roofrats, [beginning here], may provide more information (to be extracted and added here in future).

Notable deities


Expressors of Agápē with Compassion:
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