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Wiswisel ("wiss wiss ohl"), God of Fish and Fortune, is a folk deity of Instar's Offwhite City.

He is a short, supple male who dresses in white garments with pink or rusty red patches, similar to the colouring of a popular type of ornamental fish.

Fish, along with birds, are a particularly pleasing kind of animal (though not sacred) to Offwhite's inhabitants.

Wiswisel is seen as in some way in charge of fish, though not their ruler (animals having no souls and thus not requiring a ruler or deity). Before people had evolved proper hands, they believed in some kind of guiding force that made fish swim into the hands of the favoured. This makes Wiswisel older than the more-respected Jetaujat by a very long way.

Wiswisel is a lucky god, not a god of luck. He brings good fortune in the short term. He does not affect probability. He does not play tricks or give double-edged gifts.

His name is onomatopoeic.

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