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Jetaujat ("jet owww jatt" with French j-sounds) - Bird Lady, Goddess of Birds or, less commonly, Death of Birds - is a folk goddess of Instar's Offwhite City.

She is a tall female, somewhat forbidding when she wears her full feathered headdress. The rest of her usual costume comprises a long robe or cloak of feathers, orange, white and gunmetal in colour, and silken slippers.

Jetaujat is connected with birds, all birds, although she is not said to rule them (animals having no souls and thus not requiring a ruler or deity). They will do as she asks, though. Birds, along with fish, are a particularly pleasing kind of animal (though not sacred) to Offwhite's inhabitants.

Although she does not object to birds being hunted or killed, Jetaujat is more interested in birds than in people. She is said to take the souls of dead birds for use in building her house.

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