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Brother Snags is a member of the Expressors of Agape with Compassion.

Position in order

Snags is a slasher brother, somewhere around Weft's age (probably a little younger).

Weft has expressed approval of Snags's prowess. [1] Snags has exceptional reflexes (good even for a slasher) - for example, in catching birds in flight, as in training exercises.


He is an Instarrian with black hair and amber eyes. His smile is lopsided. In height, he is at least a little bit taller than Weft, and shorter than Tortile.


Snags seems to like being cool and dramatic. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Whether this is a personal preference or a result of careful training is unknown.

Snags claims his name refers to "snag" meaning a problem or holdup, and that he causes these for other people. Since his face was partially paralysed, which his superiors refused to have repaired on the grounds that the lopsided smile makes him look more suitable for his role, Snags's name can also be said to refer to the fact that his lip sometimes hitches on his tooth.

On the boards

Snags has shown up in Roofrats, a short featuring Nico and Weft.
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