Chromatic Deaths

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The chromatic Deaths (known individually as Red Death, Blue Death, etc) are mythological figures who act as psychopomps. They are often portrayed as genderless.

They probably originate on Shade (although Mutt isn't sure on this, and may change des mind). They show up in story books and are probably known to be fictional, not really believed to exist.

In the stories they sometimes talk in poetry: Red in pentameter, Black in tetrameter, Blue in trimeter and Green in blank verse. White speaks single words at a time. Blue does not speak much at all.

Red Death

Red is the death of people who die violently (by "murder, mayhem, mishap"), including in war. [1] Red is portrayed as the most jovial.

Weft once played the Red Death at a party.

White Death

White collects children, including those who die by the areas covered by the other Deaths. White is portrayed as a sad and frightening figure.

Blue Death

Blue collects those who die by drowning, and a few other water-related causes. Blue is given to lurking silently.

Green Death

Green is the death of poison, gengrene and some tropical diseases. Green is portrayed as somewhat greasy and paranoid.

Black Death

Black is the relief of those who are suffering from long-term or wasting diseases, and collects those who die from old age. [1] Black is portrayed as forbidding, yet often a welcome sight to its charges.

Suitov Iceheart once wore the costume of Black Death at a party, at Weft's insistence.

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