Damsel Of Distress

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This article describes the premise and plot of a storyboard. It may contain spoilers. If the storyboard is ongoing, this article may be subject to change.

In the storyboard Damsel of Distress, eight-year-old Peregrine Wryflight and her little brother ran into a band of adventurers (Sarina, Cerhn's Gerach, Sweetfires' Euangeline and others written by ex-members) in a fairytale kingdom ruled by the evil queen Ksathra.

Ksathra had deposed her dear old father and left him to rot in an old monarchs' home. She had thrown most of those still loyal to him in the castle dungeons, along with a prince who had done nothing more impolite than come to her kingdom seeking her hand.

Perry tells her version of the story - with alterations and some downright lies! - in [Spin Me A Yarn].

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