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In a way, Eternity is my very own "Vampire Chronicles." It is set in the Crüxworld, the 21st century city of York Nova. It's an attempth at dreamy, slightly noir gothic-punk story of immortal life, its benefits and paradoxes. The main characters are eternals, vampiric creatures. These include Calas, Dier, Adrienne and Claude LaCroix. There are several chapters in the planning, but, uhh, I'm lazy about writing it down.

[The first chapter], originally titled "Eternity of Blood", is published in my Elfwood Library. It was written in first person from Calas' point of view and introduces him and Dier. The second chapter will bring out the twins LaCroix (of whom the other is already mentioned) and will be in "ordinary" third person, mainly concentrating on Dier. Just you wait - or kick me: it's half done, and all planned.

Kicking Candy to get a story written is important. I cannot stress how important this is. And I suggest you people kick her too, because if she gets Eternity's second chapter out, I'll retaliate with a wonderfully confused St. Croix.

And she's making an understatement when she says "slightly noir". Noir luffly! --Snog

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