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Crüxworld (with or without the umlaut). The name derives from the fact that the world was mostly created while listening to music by The Crüxshadows. Rammstein, Nightwish, Silentium and such also contributed, but mainly, it was Crüx-inspired.

Crüxworld is, by and large, a parallel world to this. It started out the same, but it has some fundamental differences. For one, magic exists and is largely acknowledged and used. It's not something everyone has, nor something that turns up at every corner; rather, it's something that everyone know lurks just beyond their sight, somewhere in the shadows, ready to come to light. It's awed and feared by those who don't possess it, but never denied, and while it's a dividing factor, it's not commonly something to shun people by. It's too common for that.

The theme and mood of Crüxworld is... dark. Someone once called it even noir - which it is, to some extent. It's sort of my own World Of Darkness with a more dreamy quality, more mysterious and less punk, if not any different when it comes to the gothic- part.

I have so far explored two eras of the Crüxworld: Victorian Age (which was at the same time as in this world) and "present day", around the middle of the 21st century.

The co-op board Monochrome and my story Eternity (of Blood, of Lies) are set in the Crüxworld.

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