Vampire (Cruxworld)

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Vampire, in the Crüxworld context, is not to be confused with eternal. The two types of creatures, while based off and working on the principles of the same idea, are different. Call an eternal a vampire? She'll bite you. Say "eternal" within an earshot of a vampire? He'll run like hell.

Historically speaking, the eternals came first. They are the originals; vampires are mock-ups, man-made, lousy copies. To quote Calas from [Eternity, ch. 1]:

"I am not sure what I should make of vampires. They are travesties, mock versions of us. They do not age or die mortal deaths, just like us. They drink blood to sustain their existences, just like us. But their bodies are cold and pale in death, while we are still warm and breathing, our hearts still beating in rhythm. They are trapped in the night, chained by the Blood Moon, guarded by unspoken laws that make them vulnerable to death by other things than time, while we walk free of such bounds. We were the first, we were born somewhere out of time. They were made, turned and carved, after us. We are the originals, the models. They are the cheap copies."

The above was pure fact and canon, if spoken by Calas' mouth. The next two paragraphs contain a highly subjective, debatable view on the history and origins of vampires:

"I know little of how, when and why vampires were made. Most people know less. The leeches are the work of the Courts of Magic, that is for sure. I suspect they were made in effort to imitate our powers, us. The sorcerers wanted the gifts we possessed, they were greedy for what they did not have. Maybe they took test subjects out of their own ranks, maybe kidnapped innocent people, maybe even experimented on themselves. I cannot know; it happened so long ago. Maybe the Courts themselves still have records of it, but they would not admit a failure. And a failure it was, the birthing of vampires. They could not get it right, could not make it like us. The resulting creatures were weaker and had limitations, could not walk the days or heal the wounds they received, were unable to control their hunger and their rage... they were faulty, but could not be destroyed anymore.

Or maybe they tried. Maybe the leeches were cursed to darkness and bound to the Blood Moon to restrain them, to help destroy them, but it failed. Or maybe, just maybe, the sorcerers succeeded. Maybe whatever it is they made was just like us, equal in power, living eternally. I would imagine the witches could not handle it. It was too strong: they envied it. It rebelled and attacked its creators, and was punished by the curses of night, hunger and rage."

Also called leeches, blood-fiends.

All major characters in Eternity are eternals and are not to be confused with vampires.

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