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Eternal: vampiric-sorta creatures in Candy's Cruxworld.

It is important not to mix the eternals with the vampires of Crüxworld. The eternals came first: they are the original blood-sucking immortals. Vampires (as explained in their own entry) are cheap copies, created much after the eternals came to be, in an attempt to imitate their powers.

Note that eternals are not like traditional vampires, either. A list of their important traits follows:

The Bright Courts have over the centuries fervently sought to discover the secrets and origins of eternals, with little success. There appear to be two primary reasons for their failure: one, they have not been able to study them carefully or in fact even get hold of many; and two, there seems to be a definite lack of knowledge among the eternals themselves about their nature and origin. Of course, especially the Amber Court has vehemently blamed the failure on deliberate secrecy on the creatures' part - ironic, coming from the Amber mages, indeed.

Some almost certain, if grudgingly accepted facts have been gleaned. Though the Courts hide what files they possibly (probably) have of individual eternals, their kind had been placed as predating the Courts themselves. The Courts state with absolute certainty that eternals were around at the early 15th century, and possibly even as much as a century or two earlier.

Another, more disputed and hushed-up fact is that after centuries of study and a few close, fruitful encounters, there is no evidence to point at anything even remotely magical concerning the eternals. Whereas vampires can be clearly identified as beings created and restrained by magic, no such thing can be sensed from eternals. To all appearances, to every mage's and magical being's senses and sensor's, there is not a bit of magic in them. Technically dead and clearly capable of and requiring supernatural acts as they may be, they do not seem to be sustained by any sort of magic. This fact - which it must now be taken for, if unwillingly - baffles and annoys the Courts to no end.

(From an all-knowing point of view, I can tell you they have been around exactly since 1376 and they originated from Europe.)

Did the early eternals figure out/know how to drink and, err, stuff ( know...), or were they even more stagnant than the more recent ones? --Snog

...there's truly a problem with this entry, because... umm. It would be horribly spoil-y to put anything here before publishing the second chapter of Eternity - which, you'll see, was titled "Eternity of Lies" for a very good reason. But for the first part of the question - the first eternals knew exactly what they were doing, why and how. --C

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