Goblin (Eodea)

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Eodean Goblins are a widespread humanoid intelligent species.

1. Appearance

Goblins rarely grow taller than 1,20 m (4'), women being somewhat taller than men. Typically they appear scrawny to humans, with angular faces. Like orcs they have 5 fingers, the outer two being opposable thumbs. Their ears are big and pointed, their skin reddish. Common haircolours range from medium to light brown. Eyes are small and usually light brown or orange, rarely yellow or dark brown.

2. Culture

Goblins rely heavily on collaboration. A marked difference between other species and goblins is that they have a stronger sense of unity - while humans, elves, orcs etc. are splintered into tribes, clans and nations that often fight each other, for goblins it's unthinkable not to support or at least tolerate other goblins.

Due to bad experiences in the past (and present), they often are suspicious of other species.

Otherwise there are great differences depending on where the particular group of goblins live; they are highly adaptable.

3. Goblin characters

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