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Zashta is an Eodean goblin written by Anke. He is from the continent of Ashti.

Zashta did his part of keeping the clan fed, including hunting and trapping. [1]


A male goblin with two thumbs on each hand as is normal for that species.

In his first appearance in Seeds of Trouble:

Zashta has dark brown, almost black hair, coarse, a bit over shoulder length, and wears it in a braid down the middle of his back.

He's wearing a tunic of thin wool fabric, and a braided belt, with a sheath with a not particularly big knife attached to it. He doesn't wear shoes. --(Anke in [plot discussion])

In comparison to a Shaded goblin:

Zashta wondered just how strange he looked to the people here. From those he'd seen, his skin was darker and more reddish, his ears and nose bigger than was normal here. --[2]


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