Green's History

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The unspoilerish version of Green's history is that Green as we see her now is not a baby; she is a grown adult who used to live in a society of dragons like her. She has become brain damaged and her eyes have been 'marked by the gods' (physiological condition affecting the eye filaments that makes eyes apparently pupilless) and is wandering loose on her own.

Here is a biased, potentially unreliable telling of her [origins].

I hesitate to include the full details of Green's history, even though I have it fully worked out, because it's a major story I still intend to write in some form someday. However, for my own reference, and for anyone else to read at the risk of having the plot 100% spoiled for them, I'm linking out to an unpolished summary of Green's life before she became the Greenie we know. --Mutt

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