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Grundraak ("groon-drahk"), green dragons, are a sapient pseudoreptilian species thought up by Mutt.


A generic Western dragon with four legs, a long neck balanced by a proportional tail, and two wings. Covered in rigid green scales. There are no ridges or protruding scales along the spine or in other areas. The head is somewhat horselike with ears that prick, swivel, flatten and generally express things. Body language is more that of a predatory animal.

The teeth are sharp; new sets are grown regularly. The claws are businesslike. The tail is thick and sturdy, not whiplike, and has no blade.

Adult specimens are around 6' to the shoulder.

The scales are hard, keratinous and generally fairly smooth to the touch. They match the surrounding area in temperature. Drakes are not notably heat-resistant or coldproof, but are outwardly waterproof.


Only one, singularly unrepresentative, specimen has been encountered at Profusion. This section applies to the former grundraak culture.

These drakes have no magic and only basic technology and scientific knowledge. They have a highly-developed religious system based around four gods, each of which is believed to patronise (or punish) a different section of dragonkind.

Grundraak have their own language, but it's the sort of thing that makes linguists wake up in cold sweats. Any word or root in this highly complex and subtle language has many different degrees and shades of meaning depending on tone and context. The sibilants are also murder on anyone without a scaly snout.

They are nothing like, and not related to, isjdrakons.

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