Guep Lefrui

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Guep Lefrui (Guep the Fruity) is a feraisai man written by Mutt.

He is a magical healer. He lives in a village called Monais, somewhere in south-eastern Terrimoire.

Lefrui lives with Delmira Hickey, another healer, in a co-owned house near the middle of town.


Somewhat darker in complexion than his feraisai neighbours (he's from down south). Still gold, just a bit moreso.

Lefrui has "a bottlebrush of light brown hair" [1] and "slightly weak-looking blue eyes" [2]. He is in his fifties, which is definitely 'getting on a bit' for a ferais.

He smiles with the bottom teeth, as do virtually all ferais. He "always moved his hands and arms a lot while talking". [3]

Lefrui dresses "like a pompous prat of modest means. He looked like he'd lose a fight with an asthmatic sapling, however deceptive that impression might be." [2] He is half a head shorter than Delmira, a human.

Professional life

Lefrui seems to favour plants and herbal remedies, with some personal theories along the lines of a weird blend of herbalism and chromatherapy. [4] [3] He is also an old hand at the usual magical healing trance. [5]

Other details

Lefrui is an amateur artist (botanical sketches and diagrams only). He collects small glassware. [6]

Like all ferais, he gets horribly ill if he inhales smoke or other airborne pollutants.

Board appearances

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