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This is a shared concept, character or setting.

Treter-Shaw, his mother and godmother come from a soggy, swampy country dreamed up and minimally developed by Mutt.

Hafance is the name for this country used internally by Pro's writers, not by the inhabitants.


Providing it doesn't contradict the general sense Mutt has of the place, any Pro member is welcome to use the Hafance setting or its inhabitants.


The area we're interested in is standard swamp or marshland, with large areas too wet for agriculture or serious building.


Hafance people are a distinctive humanoid race, not a separate species. They happen to be physiologically similar to Foxverse humans and elves, so the differences described below should be understood as variances from a standard humanoid template.


Silver hair - a little ethereal, at that - is standard in Hafance people. Their skin tends to be firm, flexible and rubbery and does not wrinkle or become damaged from long exposure to water. They have narrow lips and transparent nails. Their eyes are all muddy gold or goldish brown.

Hafance people have a vestigial tail, about 10cm/4" long and very thick. Their fingers and toes aren't webbed, but there is partial webbing on the thumb.


Hafance people all have a faint connection to a 'universal' 'life force' that they call the Spirit. Spirit connection means they can sense things like gods and a person's 'life force'.

This connection is achieved through a feature of their brains, in effect like a miniature second personality (or familiar spirit or Pullmanesque 'daemon'). These have names, though they are not recognised as independent entities and the name is tacked onto the person's own name.


Hafance people do not have surnames, because they can immediately tell by (spirit-)sight if two people are related. This has wider implications on the status of children within families: fatherhood is immediately verifiable, not falsifiable.

Hafance characters



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