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The woman known as Summer (aka Haf-Pertelot, Hafan-Pertelot) is a -- well, call her a druid or wise woman. She very definitely does not rule, and does not rule with an oaken fist at that, over a scattered collection of villages in a damp and pretty region.

We mean "does not rule" in the sense that she refuses to tell anyone what to do, however much they ask. She is still somehow viewed as a Person In Charge.

She and her world are creations of Mutt's, though they do not have any connection to the Twine Wars.


Summer is a member of the humanoid Hafance subspecies. She is on the taller side of medium but looks taller still.

Her hair is the usual silver, waist length, generally worn fastened up at all times except evenings and when sleeping. Summer does not wear hats. She occasionally uses a hairnet when doing housework or other untidy jobs. She does not use pins for her hair, only blunt clasps. She is careful about where she leaves all sharp objects.

Summer favours blouses and skirts. The skirts are generally long and usually layered. Blouses are loose chemise-type with neckline varying according to season. She has a selection of heavy cloaks for when it rains (most of the time). Her vestigial tail is longer than usual, at 15cm/6". She wears gold-coloured rings on it. She paints her nails. Her eyes are steely gold. She is watchful. She knows you'll do something stupid eventually.

Pertelot doesn't look like anything.


Summer can shape the Spirit.


Summer is the godmother of Treter-Shaw.

See also: Wiseman, Pierre

Board link: [Early short story appearance]

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