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N.B. This page may be subject to updates if I start to write Treter actively.
For now it can be taken as accurate, as can Basaltine's thumbnail characterisation of Tre as "Little blind bastard, Snow White syndrome, talks to himself when nobody's looking. Wears a hat makes him look like a mushroom" and "He's a honey. Disgustingly nice in fact. And cheerful. In fact, considering his relatives, now I'm worried."

Treter-Shaw is a member of the Fochs dynasty. More specifically, Treter is the son of Sebastian Fochs and a humanoid woman, and Shaw is a benign construct possessing him.

Treter-Shaw is Summer's apprentice; she and he are written by Herm. Their home culture is called Hafance for author reference and is shared.

In this culture the second half of a person's name counts as the 'surname', so Treter's full name is Treter-Shaw.

Spirit and deity

Treter is congenitally blind and spirit-blind. He has no Spirit connection, which means he is incapable of even basic spirit senses. In addition, the lack of the connection resulted in further difficulties during Treter's childhood, eventually fixed by Summer.

Coming from a race not altogether closely related to Foxverse elves, Treter-Shaw's conception and birth may have been somewhat against the odds. Intervention on the part of a certain goddess is suspected. It remains to be seen whether Treter has inherited any connection to her.


Like any member of his mother's race, Treter has silver, ethereal hair and firm, waterproof skin. In general, he resembles a mixture of his father and his mother. Treter's nose averaged out between his mother's flattish one and elfin pointiness. He has a fairly pronounced philtrum and narrow lips, often seen in a shy smile.

Treter's hands are normal humanoid, with slight webbing on the thumb. He does not have the vestigial tail. He generally hides his eyes under a hat brim, but they're a muddy gold. In appearances around Pro, he looks about ten. His voice has the musical intonation of a land of lush, rainy valleys.

Shaw doesn't look like anything.

Home life

Treter is apprenticed to Summer and lives with her most of the time. Treter's mother was young when she gave birth to him and had trouble coping with a blind, troublesome kid alone. He enjoys a much less strained relationship with her after he moves out.

Shaw is an artificial construct built by Summer especially for Treter, designed to fill the gaps in his half-wired brain. Shaw's presence does not enable Treter to interact with the Spirit (he will likely never be able to), but does help balance out the chemicals.

Treter is pronounced more or less TREH-tuh to rhyme with setter.

Board link

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