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Hrian is a werewolf written by Cerhn. Really more like a wolfwere.

He is tall, thin, unremarkable except for the teeth, the black-tipped hair, the scars, and the downcast gaze. Ok, maybe slightly remarkable.

He is the dead opposite of an alpha. (The decisions are yours to make, damnit!) Any initiative set to him will cause much fidgeting and some version of a panic attack. It also may result in a thin stream of yellow liquid and a prostrate pose, though not in that order.

He likes kids. No, not for breakfast. He pretty much raised his younger siblings, and has no problems leading the prepubescent, except that they chew on his ears too much. Hrian would make a phat nanny.

He's a bit confused by cats.

His kind of werewolf requires a great deal of energy to fuel the shift. Therefore, he has an insane metabolism, and requires his bodyweight or more in food everyday, just to be on the safe side. Or so he'll try to convince you.

His eyes are yellow, and his fighting skills are not l33t.


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