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Liannis is, or rather was a kingdom on Steamy Wonderland. It was the major power in the area that became the Iron Flag just before Adelwin Stranger founded his empire.

Liannis was never expansionist, content to keep its hereditary bounds. For most of its history, it was a fairly harmless kingdom, with more than its fair share of scholars and Schools of Formulaic Magic, especially in the capital. Said capital was Liannis' only true claim to fame; a city built at the base of a cliff, with a very extensive library honeycombing the cliff-face above, designed to make the cliffside look like a giant scroll rack.

The last few years before the advent of Stranger's empire saw huge changes in Liannis. A hard-line church of the Lawful Host from a neighboring kingdom gained a foothold in the citizenry, playing on their fears of the unknown and highly educated, and formed a religious inquisition.

Even this would possibly have passed without comment, and the Iron Flag never have come into being, if they hadn't started burning books.

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