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Mews is the first novel-length* story written by Mutt.

It was written from March to May 2007 as a gift for Mutt's brother Slen on his 21st birthday. Mutt had it printed as a book.

The book contains pictures contributed by Profusion members Anke, Cerhn, Dev and a contributor nameless by des own request, and also one by the Muttsibs' mother. The book is also heavy on poetry and lyrics, mostly written by Mutt but including contributions from Zenicurean and [Charlie Monterey], a singer-songwriter friend of Slen and Mutt who also gave Slen a recording of his song.

The setting for Mews is a fictional planet, which is not Shade or any of the other worlds Mutt writes at Pro, but is probably located in the same universe.

The characters include a student guitarist called Skyler Fallow, and other musicians, acquaintances and animals.

The book is highly tailored to its recipient and contains a lot of guitarist references and other injokes.

Read Chapter 1

*Which Mutt roughly defines on this occasion as "60,000 words and complete". Some way over 60,000, actually.

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