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"Nobody ever stole Moneymaker for long. He always, always came back to her -- even if she didn't want him to."

Lady's "great big sword," a two-handed sword similar to a Scottish claymore (though Lady can briefly wield him one-handed). Lady acquired and named her magical weapon while she acted as a mercenary in elven lands. She refers to Moneymaker with masculine pronouns (such as "He's being petulant today," which her accent renders "'E's bein' pet-chu-lent t'day") and believes he has his own personality. They don't always get along, either.

Moneymaker resists magic, including, but not limited to, any illusion Lady has tried to place on it. In battle, he deflects all offensive spells cast on him and his wielder, and returns the attack to the caster. On the rare occasions Lady gets angry with him and tries to leave him behind, he somehow keeps appearing near her until she accepts his prescence.

His creatrix is as bemused as anyone by him.

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