Lady Knight

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"...Money, it’s a gas / Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash..." --Pink Floyd

" ye always go about in public, wavin' bloody 'ands at folks wit' bigger blades than ye?" --LK

Lady Knight is an predominantly Allimdori (elven) mixed breed, which affords her unusual musculature. She and her unusual weapon belong to Ree.


About 5'7" (1.7m) tall, well-muscled, long blond hair, blue-green eyes, and pointed ears (slightly less extreme than those in LotR, because of some non-elven blood). Normally wears various tunics, chain mail, frocks -- stuff in keeping with her fantasy-based origins. Her sword is always either strapped to her back or held in her hands. She speaks with a thick, vaguely Irish accent, but sometimes masks this with magic.


Despite once going as "Ms. Lady C. Knight", "Lady Knight" is simply a respectful way to address this warrioress. She also answers to "Milady" but she's not quite used to "Ms. Knight" yet. (For the curious -- she did give the correct initial for her name. She won't reveal it to just anyone because she fears spells cast against against her using it.)


Lady doesn't use offensive spells, preferring to wield her sword and smite her foes. She knows how to portal rather well, and it's possible that she magically enchances her natural fighting ability. On occasion, she uses an auditory illusion spell to mask her thick brogue. She tends to eschew magical healing in favour of toughing it out; in fact, she doesn't seem to mind the pain.

As noted above, she believes that a magic-user can cast harmful spells on a person using the target's true name. This may or may not be true. She has not mentioned where she obtained this belief; it may be of Allimdori origin.


No matter where she goes, Lady always has a reason for being there, and it's generally money. She harbors an almost dwarven greed for all things shiny and valuable. Never count on her to act selflessly. Despite this, she's actually not that bad a person.

In her youth, a dragon cursed her; she now fears dragons (though she masks this as best she can) and thinks they're all manipulative double-crossers. Her opinion of elves is only slightly better. More blatantly greedy races and individuals garner a better review from Lady.

Poor neglected elfywoman! --Ree

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