Nature's Laws And Wonders

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Some time in Shade's pre-Twine-Wars history, Gery Illumin, a gentleman (or gentlewoman - see Gery's entry) scholar, compiles a seminal, encyclopaedic treatise called Nature's Laws and Wonders, often shortened to Nature's Laws.

At the time of publication, this work is (and to some extent always remains) unique, being the only attempt at a comprehensive collection of every scientific and magical fact and theory of the time.

Many of the theories in Nature's Laws are later discredited or disproved, but the collation and fact-checking is meticulous (especially for its time). Nature's Laws is therefore not a representative magoscientific cross-section, missing as it does some of the more outlandish and obviously inaccurate philosophies of the age. One gets the feeling controversy is not an issue for Gery, as [Lenser's Reticule Invective]? is included, but he or she apparently yields to a not unreasonable fear of discredit in omitting the [Pixie-Powder fallacy]? and similar.

Some of Gery's notes and omitted entries are published much later and provide quite an illuminating insight, if readers will pardon the pun.

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