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Sunev, a Perel dragon

The Perel are Ree's race of small dragons. The average adult Perel measures, snout to rump, about the same as a fawn or a large dog. They each have four legs, two wings, and one long tail, making them fairly standard European dragons except for their size.


The Perel do not speak, write, or have a language of their own. They communicate through posture and trilling. If taught while young, a Perel is capable of learning humanoid language to a degree, but they will never be fluent; their brains simply aren't wired for language. This extends to listening and writing only -- the Perel lack the vocal cords required for speech, limiting their vocalisations to trills and hums.

Telepathy is not native to the Perel, but at least one kind is known to give Sunev a headache. Perel brains are unable to process direct language input through telepathic link. Mind contact using images and other sensory input doesn't cause this problem, though it may tickle.

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