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Sunev of the Perel is Ree's tiny sample of draconity. He is orange in color, and roughly the size of a fawn or a large dog, which makes him average adult size for his race (the Perel dragons). (This measurement is snout to rump, so it leaves out his long tail.) He has four legs, two wings, a prehensile tail, and a fondness for all things apple.

Sunev's intelligence appears to hover between that of a stupid humanoid and a clever beast, but this may be affectation. Either way, he uses what he has in attempts to get apples, his favourite treat. Unusually for a Perel, Sunev is able to scratch his own name in several forms of writing and mostly follow human conversation, which makes him an ideal sort of diplomat for his people. He cannot speak human languages—his mouth isn't shaped for it.

If contacted telepathically, Sunev tends to develop a mild headache. Attempts to communicate through symbols (rather than syntactical language) fare better.

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Last edited March 24, 2018 6:07 am by Ree