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Arken: the world Death Becomes Them is set in. Fantasy world with lots of magic, inhabited mostly by humans, some small strange races and some mythological critters - and personifications of things. Like Death, Eternity.

As I personally dislike the all-too-common occurrence in fantasy geography of putting the good, pretty, wise guys and cultures in the west, and the nomadic, strange, backwards people in the east... I switched it around. Indeed, in Arken the western continent is where the strange cultures originated from. In the east, on the continent of Arken (a name which unfairly refers to the whole world, as used by the eastern folk) was the cradle of scholars, VŠnan, and the centre of high culture and economy.

Arken was originally meant to be a high fantasy world. Then I changed my mind and it was to be a lightly technological, low fantasy world. Then the story completely escaped my hands in many ways, and Arken settled itself as a high fantasy world. At this point, I'm not entirely sure that much, if any, of the world and its stories are truly in my hands anymore: Arken has proved to be the most rebellious and independent storyworld I have ever created, and its characters have indeed turned my plans completely upside down several times...

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