Genetics (Demon)

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The genetics of demons is unlike animal genetics. Demonic 'genes' are not inherited, but seem to be chosen randomly when a new demon appears in Hades.

Inaccurately named

Demonic 'genetics' bears very little relation to genetics in other creatures. The term should be thought of as somewhat figurative.

To confuse matters further, not all genies - the so-called demon geneticists - actually (are able to) manipulate demonic 'genes'. Genies generally only change shells (bodies). The distinction does not mean much to anyone but a genie.

Rolling them bones

When a demon comes into existence, certain properties or 'statistics' are determined. These can be thought of as a bit like genes, except that a demon has no parents as such, and no DNA.

Properties ('genes')

Some properties:

Use the {{demongenetics}} tag, after a horizontal rule, at the end of articles about demonic genetics.

Demon genetics:
Important attributes: Shiftiness | Stability | Intelligence | Coevalence
Characters: Genies | Mendel
Bonds: Demonic mindbond

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