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Mendel is a demon geneticist who features in the (yet unwritten) Hades story arc.


Mendel has no one habitual form. De cannot be assumed to be humanoid.

Like most genies, Mendel is often to be found wearing various appendages of unusual function with which de is experimenting (biological radio-wave receptors, ceramic electrical armouring or poison strips, anyone?). De can resemble a Frankenstein's monster of sorts, if Frankenstein had had access to the listings of Collic's Modern Bestiary.

Typical quotations


Mendel is friendly and generally non-harmful, which is a pretty fortunate circumstance for a lot of beings.

Demon genetics:
Important attributes: Shiftiness | Stability | Intelligence | Coevalence
Characters: Genies | Mendel
Bonds: Demonic mindbond

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