Race (Shade)

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Four of the five sapient species on Shade have widely varying natural skin colours depending on climate. Blood colour also plays a role in determining the exact colour of skin, so all but the darkest climate-variant skin colours still look different depending on species.

Rocca have extraordinarily little variance in skin shade. Since they all live on one continent, the cause of this (intrinsic and/or geographic?) is unknown.

Shade's sapient species are much alike in that they discriminate within their own species, and others, based on skin colour and/or home country, but do not discriminate on the basis of species against anyone of their own country.


Discrimination based on colour of skin or country of origin: racism

Dark-skinned folk's term for light-skinned: poley

Light-skinned folk's term for dark-skinned: equa

There are also country-specific epithets.

There are barely any species-specific pejorative terms, other than the slang (usually used descriptively, hence not very loaded) red, gold, blue, green, brownie.

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