Treacle Shield

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Treacle Shield is a spell used by Suitov Iceheart before he tinkers his own version.

Despite a common slight misconception, Iceheart does not invent the Treacle Shield, but learns it from some obscure set of old carrips. (Anyone reading the source would find the attribution in meticulous, evil detail.)

The Treacle Shield is very resistant to anything approaching it from a perpendicular angle. Missiles and similar aimed directly at the user are slowed more or less to a halt. Anything coming in at even a slight angle has only the perpendicular component of its velocity stopped, resulting in it veering off to one side. Treacle Shield is visible when deflecting (and slightly visible all the time it's on), as a brownish almost-transparent sphere. It was named for the "sticky" effect it has.

The newer version is also virtually transparent, but more of a whitish-blue. It is informally called - by people other than Iceheart, and quietly - Bonbon Shield, because it can resemble a sugar shell. Its maker is thought to refer to it as an Eekle Shield, which is apparently a despicable pun in Soprone.

Does the new version have any advantages, or did Suitov just want something that goes better with his favourite ice-blue detailed clothes? Anke
More efficient coding *ahem*, and a bit personalised so it's easier for him to cast, but it was largely done for fun/practice. As far as colour goes, it was the easiest option: Suitov's spell effects (eg light, sparks, whatever) are always ice blue unless he makes an effort to change it. --Herm, who, unusually and despite probable appearances, isn't making this up on the spot ;)

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