Weft's Pantheon

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Weft's pantheon is the collection of divinities that Weft personally honours.

Monks of the Expressors of Agape with Compassion will typically study several 'dead' religions* during their training and are encouraged to keep up devotions to those gods (this may also include other types of religion without gods as such). This is completely separate from their duties to the order and their Divinity.

The monk is not a full-time follower or devotee of any deity in his personal pantheon, and will not accept orders from them (they must go through the organisation like anybody else if they want to hire a monk), but he will worship each of them individually, roughly once a week.

The form of gift or ritual depends on the god, though the order forbids blood sacrifice (anything more than a token drop) and various other unsavoury practices; the deity must make do with whatever alternatives it's offered. The order has an almost patronising attitude to their small gods.

Weft has described his personal pantheon [1], which includes five original members and one that was assigned to him in later life:

"Dlexn isn't-aren't any trouble ever. All it-they command is to love your fellow people, and, well, I already do as a matter of religious duty. Dauvat likes blood sacrifice, which is strictly forbidden by my order, of course, so I have to perform alternatives. There are a lot of rules for not blaspheming against Yumyum. It boils down to not claiming anyone else is better-looking than her[...]

"Tebiqbin has some obscure rules about eggs and things, and I'm not permitted to let a knife under my possession be blunted or tread on fish without saying a special prayer. Nobody knows anything about Gich Lamas, so all I can do is pray to that one... and Cicely likes knitted things and killers, which works out well."

* Ancient religions or religions with no known members left.

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