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Ottaviano is the unfortunate magicker-king of Dondrea.

Unfortunate, because the two of the most prominent figures in his life include his wife Amanda, who sort of came with the deal and generally makes his life worth living (in other words, it's a challenge - a challenge is always worthy).

The other is the single most irritating, annoying and love-him-or-hate-him-or-just-hate-him-and-love-him invididual of Ivoryverse. (With the possible exclusion of Contesq or Sevroa, though that's debatable.) This person, apart from being a shameless wineguzzler, skirtchaser and mercurial prankster, has also managed to land a position of high standing among his own kind.

(Varus would always like to point out that whenever His Majesty the Drunk tries to describe him, His Majesty always forgets to mention the dashing irritation's name.)
(His Majesty would like to inform the honoured dashing irritation that it might be for the best if people remained ignorant of the true face of evil.)
(Amanda interjects that if they don't shut up soon, ears will ache.)

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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