Queen Shrike

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Queen Shrike is not to be confused with Shriker.

Queen Shrike is the ruler of the southern equivalent of Northguard in Ivoryverse... or, well, at least she was a few centuries ago. Nobody has seen her for a long time, but she still sends envoys whenever someone on the continent is getting married, someone has died or there is a political or economical opportunity to pursue.

She has a large fleet and plenty of warriors under her command, and is rumoured to be rich beyond mortal ken. She's also rumoured to be dead, a very pretty woman, in magickal sleep and witch-queen. She has also managed to acquire memoriam of sorts - whenever someone thinks highly of him/herself or tries to boss around, it is very likely that another will say, "Yeah? Who are you, then? Queen Shrike?"

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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