Council (Caedaren)

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Councils are the highest power in the Caedaren chain of command, but the highest is the Grand Council that is based in Clearspring, the quiet den south of the mountains that mark where the Shallould begins and the Hundred Kingdoms end.

There is a council in every den, and every hide in the den's vicinity is under the command of the den's council. Likewise, in some hides there is a council, though the position is often merely a political one: these hides are usually the ones that act as "middle men" between humans and dens - if there is something the Caedaren do not want, it's the humans visiting one of their dens.

If the nobles find a goal to pursue out of suspicions that it might prove detrimental to the Caedaren nation, they most often do not need to consult the nearest den's council. Investigation is acceptable: use of force or lending aid to This is all well, but occasionally something mysterious surfaces and the investigating factions feel the need to apply greater force; this is when the councils step in.

Unfortunately, a good number of the nobles and commoners in the councils have no sense of reality, and the factions simply end up misinterpreting orders. Some are feverishly trying to get rid of the sorely outdated edict in the Chumsare, while others make do with the little forces they already have command of.

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