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Thus sayeth Connie of Erkhan:

"He's the kind of a man I would pay attention to, just in case."

"He's the kind of a man that takes the charge in a disaster situation, or, if presented with the opportunity. Otherwise... Um."

And thus sayeth Varus of Erkhan:

He could have become a Voice, but I will never forget the way he revealed to me why he chose to throw his weight for the Bleeders. I had long suspected there was some bad blood between him and the Voices, but when he informed me they disliked his sense of humour, I decided it was time to be wary of him.

...Erkhan loved changing the locations of his doorways and sometimes even worse things. If you recall my recounting of what happened with the Eyes and their symbol language, it too was part of this obsession. Furniture was not enough - the whole damn floorplan had to change at times.

The Carenda of the Vovet is also known as Erkhan the Legerdemainer and Vovet-Man.

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
Things Ivory (glossary) | Varus Sayluna (narrating character) | Swansong (background)
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