Voice (Caedaren)

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Voice. Even the name makes them sound... different. A voice commands, carouses, soothes and recites traditional fables and such. In a manner, the faction has existed for a long, long time in the form of storytellers and minstrels, entertainers and orators. Illusions are something most Caedaren will master, either in the form of little white lies, sleight-of-hand or hot, colourful magick.

These individuals prided with this skill.

Despite this Voices are, strangely enough, one of the recent additions to the lines of factions. The occult secrets have always interested the Caedaren (and especially those who like to tell of things to others), but for millenia they had no idea there were other sorts of occult secrets than the ones already discovered by their ancestors. These secrets dealt with spirits and other more eldritch things...

...but then, when the Exodus crashed through the front door of the Caedaren nation with the coming of the eastern cousins, the magickers and wandering survivors scattered about the world. They mixed with humans, and as could be expected from a race that considers curiosity a virtue (a deadly one at that), the magickally aligned young and old specimens mixed with human sorcerors and magickers, who (of course) were happy to see potential apprentices (and test subjects) that had a knack for finding and hiding answers and things.

The Caedaren and their illusory magicks were renowned to begin with - with the Voices, they became stronger, as did the other fields of magick. New fields were born, but there was one especially that the darklight fae fell in love with.

Divination. (More on this later...)

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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