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Layerslipping is the Caedaren method of fast transport via spirit worlds, waterpaths. Connected to Finding. Say points A and B are connected in the Finding sense. Getting from A to B is only a matter of going the distance... through a shortcut.

This is a new way of transporting things, and solely employed by the Voices, and peculiarly safe to be something as drastic as ramming the body, soul and spirit of an individual through multiple layers and landing it in a spot where there's nothing obstructing the presence of a living body; Some have asked if it is possible to materialise in the same space occupied by a tree, for instance. Scary as the thought is, this doesn't happen. Ever. And why?

The Voices have specially designed spaces for this, and if there is a strategic advantage to be had from transporting a bunch of troops in the middle of wilderness, the Caedaren must first send in someone to find a good place to do so. After a suitable spot is found and readied, the Voice slips back to headquarters and they're all set to go. They will have to change Voices when one gets tired, because a single Caedaren only has so much energy in her.

See also: teleportation

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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