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Finding is a semi-mystical Caedaren ability that is very hard to explain to someone such as a human, who cannot sense the way things are connected. If one thing brushes another, it leaves a mark - voilą, it's connected. Thus, if these connections could be sensed, finding something would be a matter of patience. However, nothing is to say Finding works like magick - the fact is, it is very easy to deceive. A shifting labyrinth can mess with an anarde's patience so much, things are bound to get hot.

It is worth noting that not every anarde has this ability. It is taught commonly among some anarde clans (not tribes), and more selectively among some others. The Caedaren factions generally teach it to those who need it. A few talented ones simply do it and find that suddenly they have a new job opportunity in their hands.

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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