Suitov's Army

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The usual summary goes, What is Iceheart's force? Four Ms -- Multi-species, Mages, Monsters and Machines.

Personally, I would say the fifth M is Madman.

--Larkspurrian member of policy-making staff, under condition of anonymity

The army of Suitov Iceheart, which might come into some kind of snappier name, is a small, high-mag and high-tech force under the command of Suitov Iceheart, and a major player in Shade's doings in the Twine Wars. (See also Warfare (Shade).)


The Army is known for hiring anyone who wants to join, regardless of species, place and planet of origin. From Shade there are rocca, voks, srolli, quite a few faleighs and a handful of ferais. There are fuzzboks all over the place, and many unusual units hoovered up through Suitov's curiosity or force of personality. (One example of these is a small unity of fae cavalry scouts headed by Beak Mellown.)

Unusual aspects for its context

Cross-species associations are normal on Shade, but recruiting people (even of your own species) from outside your own country is most definitely Not Done. A high proportion of females in any armed force is normal (typical ratio of male to female ranges from 70:30 to 60:40) around the Soprone end of the landmass.

Overall size

At its largest Suitov's forces never approach anything like the manpower of a respectable country. He deals with what force multipliers he can get his hands on and will immediately exploit any technological and magical edges going.


Don't know about land transport. Shade doesn't have Steamy's established airships and railways at the time of contact, so it's probably wagon trains or whatever is the norm for the time.

Sea-wise, he either has a fleet (not likely in early stages) or has access to one independently of Soprone and/or any other power he works with.


Research and technology.

Elite groups of magical heavylifters, and a handful of superlifters, add up to "pretty scary".

Likely heavy use of animals.


The strengths above only become significant later in proceedings. To begin with, Shade has little native magic in any form useful for warfare (and Suitov's own magical researches have been in just about any area but warfare).

Shade's technology is not as advanced as other worlds', hence the tendency across the board to steal things and ideas.

Suitov is not independent. He's under command of the Woking monarchy and, in the early stages, deployed to silly places to fight people from their own planet.


Suitov uses the heraldic colours assigned by the Wokung crown, namely black and gold.

His emblem is not yet decided by his writer. I'm still changing my mind rapidly about Wokung heraldry - current thinking is that it's likely heavily based on the same symbolism as folk tales, such that a dragon (with a book, of course) would be an unremarkable choice. Suitov, of course, denies being a dragon, the occasional fire-breathing stunt notwithstanding.


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