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The Twine Encyclopaedia

About Twine

Authors: Mutt | ReeToes | Wyldsong | Sarina | Cerhn | Anke | Dev | Vespers
Useful topics and starting points: Worlds | People | Food | Magic | Science | Games | Animals | Religion | Character aliases | Shared concepts
Author listings: all | Anke's topics | Mutt's topics | Ree's topics

Why 'Twine'?

The Twine Wars is the name of a multi-world writing project underway at Profusion.

The Future

Eventually we hope to switch to a new solution that'll allow us to keep our worldbuilding information more closely integrated with our storytelling. See Pro 2.0 Planning.

If you have an RSS reader, point it [thisaway]. For LiveJournal members, the Twine Encyclopaedia has a [feed] which you can use to see updates on your friends page.

The entities described in Twine downplay the relevance (or, in some cases, the existence) of the [Twine LOLcats feed].

Please don't make non-essential edits to this front page of Twine. (Adding to lists of links, updating wrong information and so on are completely fine.) All other pages except the rules and legal sections are free for editing by all members.

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