Character Aliases

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Character aliases, and things that might be confused for character names, because Anke thinks it would be helpful.

(You may also be interested in quotes about characters.)

Amy SuttonPerry, alias used on one version of Earth
anonymousSome post anonymously, eg in Character Chat.
(You're meant to guess. It's fun.)
Ash(ash)netHHnet (spoken, never written): Mutt doesn't like "aitch"
(the) avatardsSebastian and Weft collectively, a reference to Kit-Fox
Baskymay be Mutt (from SFV, occasionally still used by others)
may be Basaltine but not a preferred abbreviation
BonbonSuitov Iceheart (we think this was invented by Ree)
Captain StupendousBasaltine... he wishes.
ChurnCerhn, affectionate diminuitive, used by Mutt etc
arose from confusion about pronunciation of "Cerhn" ("sairn")
Dorito"the ReeToe(s)", Pro member (audio pun)
ÉtéTreter-Shaw, diminuitive used at home
(Professor) FauxSebastian, alias used on [Molto Vivace]
FentyAnyone called Laffent, generally Ferrl
Fox, (the)Can be Sebastian or Reynard or refer to an archetypal fox
Ice, IceheartSuitov Iceheart
any cold puns
eg "Glaciertoes"
Suitov Iceheart, used by Weft to mock his nickname
JaineJaina Jade
JJJaina Jade
KaiSebastian, alias used on Random Encounter
KivaParaskive Taxidies
Kitten, kittyoften used to refer to Weft, much to his dismay
Lucent, Lucywhat Mutt insists on calling Luciferin
PerraultPerry, alias used by her on several occasions
PounceWeft, nickname used by Suitov Iceheart
(untranslatable pun)
RigeSuitov Iceheart; it's his rarely-used forename
SebbieSebastian Fochs, used commonly, particularly OOC
SebsSebastian Fochs, used by Weft, not to his face
SerpySerpentine Lockfist
"So-pas-chu" etc
mangled Instarrian attempt at Sebastian (not by Weft)
Shiela BooncreekShii, alias used on [Molto Vivace]
Sirinot an abbreviation, just Siri
Skervformer abbrev for Basaltine, abbreviation for Mutt's surname
SnogWyldsong, Pro member
SwiffSuitov Iceheart (only used by authors/OOC)
ToesReeToes, Pro member
Twine, Twineballthis encyclopaedia, also Twine Wars story arc

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